@stop_dreamstans Twitter Archive

On August 9th 2022 the @stop_dreamstans Twitter account was suspended. That account was pretty fun to run, and it was 10x more active than my main account. So here is an archive (of what I can still access) for the account.

Some stuff I remember before suspension:

At least 450 followers + 

I followed almost everyone back

I opened up a discord server for it

Perspective of the account now (logged in)

Best Tweets

NOTE: Media wouldn't show, most of the accounts data is likely already gone

these were also hard to find with that stupid bot i linked to the account lol

This photo was my roblox character standing beside a dreamsexual flag burning. It was probably the best thing I did on roblox ever

(The photo: https://cdn.upload.systems/uploads/GqA5Yk9p.png )

This was a quote from a quote of this dreamsexual dumbass saying Derek Chauvin didn't do anything wrong (extra context)

This is the end (for now)

I will add more tweets later on. I thank every 400-500 of you who followed the account and every 100-200 who was active within it

Also I sent an appeal (2 Feb)

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