Programs pulled out of Windows XP

I got a vm for windows xp (Pro x64) and pulled some programs out of it. If you're like 30 years old and used windows xp when you were young, these programs might bring back some memories (??????)

All files are hosted on discord. Because I couldn't find any host that was free, permanent and wouldn't think screensavers are viruses (aka catbox)

11th of March: I took the liberty of taking screenshots of me using the programs on a Windows 11 computer, so if you think it won't work before you download

(If the programs really don't work I can't do anything about it, I have no idea how to fix 2007 programs (or any) )



Sound recorder (havent bothered testing it)


Good old Minesweeper


spider solitare the classic

Screensaver: "ssmarque"

Moving text. i dont know how to customize it

Screensaver: "ssmyst"

i dont know

Screensaver: "ssbezier"

no clue what this is but it makes a good screensaver

Screensaver: "logon"

This is the windows xp professional edition x64 constantly moving around

Screensaver: "ssstars"

This is a really cool stars screensaver (you can barely see the screenshot its just moving dots lmao)